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Protecting Your Rights When Dividing Property in a Texas Divorce

Once you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, there are likely a number of questions that will come up. You may be curious about what property you and your spouse will each keep when you part ways. There may be specific assets you are hoping to hold onto, or you may believe your spouse is hiding assets. Whatever the issue may be, our Austin property division lawyer can division

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Attorney Melissa Williams is here to explain your rights and responsibilities and ensure that you are not taken advantage of. We understand that matters involving your property and finances can be stressful and you deserve to have top-notch representation on your side. You can trust us to protect your rights and strongly fight for your best interests.

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Separate Property vs. Community Property in TX

Texas is one of only a few states which use the community property system. 

  • Typically, any property that was owned by one party before the marriage or purchased with separate funds during the marriage is not subject to property division. 
  • Any assets, income, wages, and salary acquired during the marriage are subject to division. 
  • This may include: 
    • Real estate
    • Motor vehicles
    • Stocks
    • Businesses
    • Retirement, and more.

Other Assets Subject to Division in Divorce

The following will also be subject to division:

  • Property acquired by one spouse in exchange for other property which previously would have been classified as community property
  • Property acquired by one spouse while they were living in another state, assuming the property is classified as community property in Texas

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