Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption in Texas

Choosing to grow your family through adoption is a fantastic decision, one that will bring both you and your adoptive child happiness for years to come. However, do not rush into the adoption process too quickly. Just like any other legal procedure, adoption in Texas is capable of becoming complicated with rules and regulations.

To make certain you are ready for the road ahead, check out this quick frequently asked questions list from Attorney Melissa M. Williams. If you have additional questions or need legal counsel, call her firm at (512) 271-2063 to arrange a consultation. She can guide you through adoption from start to finish!

Texas Adoption FAQ

  1. Can anyone adopt a child in Texas?
    No. Texas has a number of checks in place to make certain adoptive parents are up for the task of becoming a full-time parent. The most notable checks involve a criminal background check and a home study.
  2. How will the court know if my home is suitable for an adopted child?
    There will be a thorough home study to see if your home and household will be safe and adequate for an adopted child. Considerations during a home study include space available in your home, overall condition of your home, usual family interactions, and so forth.
  3. Does adoption cost money?
    Yes, there are adoption fees paid to the court when you want to become an adoptive parent. There will also be a fee for the home study.
  4. How old must you be to adopt?
    Texas requires adoptive parents to be at least 21 years old. There is no age cap on adoption, meaning you can file to adopt a child well into your senior years, when you might have the most free time and finances.
  5. Do you need to own a house to adopt?
    While it is certainly beneficial to own your own home as you begin to grow your family, it is not required. You can rent and still adopt, as long as the living space passes the home study and creates a safe, nurturing environment for a child.
  6. Will my divorce affect my chances of adopting a child?
    No. You can adopt a child as a divorcee, or even as someone who is single and never been married. Once again, the important part of becoming an adoptive parent is creating a loving home for a child in need.
  7. I have kids of my own — can I still adopt?
    Yes. It is not unusual for adoptive parents to have children of their own. Many parents who are taking care of their children realize how much they enjoy it and how important it is for kids to have inspiring role models. They become inspired themselves to spread love and goodwill by seeking adoption.

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