The Differences Between Collaborative & Traditional Divorce

Divorce court is exhausting. If you and your spouse are willing to work together to dissolve the marriage as seamlessly as possible, traditional court proceedings may hinder this process. We have all heard horror stories about court proceedings wasting people’s time and money while causing severe emotional stress. It is in these cases when divorce truly brings out the worst in people. However, collaborative divorce is a positive alternative to the usual practice of litigation.

The Pros of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce avoids the increased conflict that comes with litigation. An important reason for avoiding the courts is a lack of privacy, as hearings and trials are open to the public. This means details about your personal life, finances, details of your relationship, and other private matters will be openly discussed for anyone to hear and may cause significant damage in your relationships with other people, such as your children. You may also not feel comfortable publicly discussing personal matters such as details regarding your marital home, properties, bank accounts, and more.

Collaborative divorce uses a team approach to find solutions for property division, child custody, alimony, child support, and more. A parenting expert and financial professional will likely aid you in this process. This method is far more cost-effective and streamlined than other options. Not all people have a cooperative relationship with their ex-spouse. Not only are there practical and tangible benefits to this alternative, but it saves your children the emotional trauma of seeing their parents battle in court. The ability to customize your parenting plans removes the threat and intimidation traditionally associated with fighting for custody. Moving forward with a family-centered plan of action will protect your children’s best interests above all else.

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