Co-Parenting with Your Former Spouse


If you share children with your former spouse, you will have to interact with each other as you continue to raise them. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a divorce to be acrimonious, which creates obstacles for co-parents as they attempt to move forward. It is in your children’s best interest that you learn to set any negative feelings you may have aside, so you can create a less tense environment that allows everyone to flourish.

Raising Kids After a Divorce

The divorce is over, but you might still have unresolved feelings regarding the events that unfolded. Instead of taking this out on your former spouse and fostering a hostile co-parenting relationship, consider finding a healthy outlet for coping with the emotions and thoughts you are experiencing. Talking to a therapist or even a trusted friend can do wonders and help you lighten the load of this heavy situation. The better you take care of yourself, the better you can cooperate with your ex.

Here are some other effective co-parenting tips:

  • Do not ask your children to relay any messages to your ex-spouse. No matter how innocuous the message may seem, you should always directly communicate with your co-parent instead of using your children as messengers. Having your children relay messages for you will add to their anxiety and stress. Additionally, the message might get lost in translation.
  • Find the most effective methods of communication and stick with it. If texting and emails work best for your co-parenting relationship, try to focus on these methods to reduce conflict. Keeping things in writing will also be helpful if you run into problems that require legal attention.
  • Work together to create consistent routines and rules across both households. Doing so will help your children feel safe and secure.
  • Discuss important issues together and make decisions as a team. Sharing information about your children and having honest conversations about their future will help rebuild trust.
  • If you make a mistake, be willing to apologize to your former spouse. No one is perfect and admitting your errors will go a long way in nurturing a better relationship with your co-parent.
  • Help your children smoothly transition between visits. Helping them pack and unpack, giving them space when necessary, and establishing routines for their return can help them cope with this new situation.

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