Melissa M. Williams Joins Collaborative Divorce Austin

Our law firm has some truly exciting news, but you may need more information to contextualize it. Explore the FAQ below to learn how this membership helps families function during and after divorce:

Who is Melissa M. Williams?

Melissa M. Williams is a board-certified family law attorney who offers collaborative divorce services. She founded her private practice in 1995 and devotes her work exclusively to family law. Melissa is a dedicated advocate, a compassionate and approachable lawyer, and a professional of the highest caliber. She explains her practice with the following quote:

I am dedicated to representing my clients in a way that minimizes conflict and maximizes solution.”

What Is Collaborative Divorce Austin?

Collaborative Divorce Austin is a group of independent and unaffiliated professionals who come together to provide collaborative divorce services to the community in Austin, TX.

All members are trained in collaborative divorce and constituents of the group include lawyers, financial consultants, and mental health specialists.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is an approach to divorce and family law decisions that allows couples to work together and form a strong foundation for their family and co-parenting relationship moving forward. While each party will hire their own attorney, negotiations happen exclusively outside of the courtroom, in an environment that fosters privacy, civility, and mutual cooperation.

Think of it as using a more compassionate and peaceful approach to get the results you need.

How Can I Pursue a Collaborative Divorce?

If you found this blog post, you are in the right place! Melissa joined Collaborative Divorce Austin to make her services more accessible to people like you, so while you’re here, consider our consultation breakdown.

To schedule your appointment with our board-certified, award-winning family law attorney, call (512) 271-2063 today or request a case evaluation online.

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